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With over 30 years of combined business experience ranging from start up to S&P 500 under their belts Minh and Teresa have become experts at what it takes to help your brand and business grow.

Their goal is to continue to bring to the market innovative and unique products that simply make life better and help other businesses connect to customers in a way that will have a major impact on their bottom line. Drawing from the hard lessons learned from years of experience they’ve cultivated a business mindset that pushes them to work towards goals through practices that are both intelligent and efficient. By focusing on creating business driven digital media they are helping others reach and exceed their business goals by positioning them as authorities in their fields.

SaigonX is leveraging its experience to make certain that the opportunities for growth and success are accessible to all hardworking people.



SaigonX boasts years of experience in a number of Engineering Industries. With multiple years spent in R&D and product development we have become experts in obtaining IP’s and launching new innovative products into various markets.



SaigonX has tremendous experience in collaborating with businesses to expand their products and services into the outdoor and shooting industries.  We understand the importance of operating with an in-depth understanding of market trends, consumer demands and current competition while consistently maintaining an independent approach to company performance and profits.

With a strong focus in business development and commercialization of products our team uses their expertise in market intelligence, industrial sector analysis, business development, market development, and channel development to deliver the best results.



With a strong background in Communications, New Media Marketing and Effective Digital Content Creation SaigonX excels at customer connection. With revenue driven marketing strategies we thrive in customer service excellence and consumer relations.

We take the time and use the latest tools to understand customers and allowing ourselves to create and optimize the most effective marketing campaigns. SaigonX prides itself at staying a step ahead of the competition and delivering specific, identifiable results

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