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Our Mission: To bring new online retail businesses to the market.


ChestBrew Coffee

ChestBrew Coffee is the first business that we launched under SaigonX. We harvest and roast our premium coffee beans in Vietnam and have quickly been able to elevate our brand as an authority in the US market using effective business development and digital content creation strategies. With ChestBrew our success has come in part by creating a demand for a product in a target market that didn’t previously exist. By staying on top of our game we are continuously connecting to more customers and building a strong brand loyalty in a very competitive segment.  Visit ChestBrew


We are tech driven and we are passionate about exploring the outdoor and new trends in the shooting industry. Recognizing a demand for more privacy and the next phase in social media, we are creating 2A2GO as the next internet retailer for customers in the outdoor, and shooting industries. Website to be launched in 2023.  Visit 2A2GO.

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Huntington Beach, CA | Houston, TX | (832)876-5900